Monday, December 11, 2006

A Christmas Meme

Once a year, I lament about living alone and not doing much for the holidays since I don't have a regular family. This year however, my mood has changed. Yeah, one day I want to go on a spending spree and buy everyone everything, but this year I've taken a Zen approach to it the holidays. I'm broke, so don't sweat it. So if you get a card from me, know it's from love and cheap pockets. Cheaper if it's an email.

So here's the thing: I gotta Christmas meme for everyone and it's very simple. Santa Claus has sent out an X-mas Genie to only the super good boys and girls out there and he's come to your house. Genies only give out three wishes, but X-mas Genies give four for Christmas. What do you ask for and remember, nothing is off bounds.
1. A dog. A very smart, cool dog that's easy to train. I'd name it Mike.


A Kenner Easy Show and a Kenner Give-A-Show Projector. I had both of these as a kid and had loads of fun with them and would have evem more fun with them as an adult. Who needs DVDs when you can watch cool old film strips? Oh, and it must have all the strips.

3 (It's my meme. The above counts as one big thing to me, okay?).

A muscle car with an unlimted gas card and free matinence from Pep Boys for life.

4. That elusive kidney so I don't have to go to dialysis anymore and have that vacation that I've always wanted.

So, If I have to pass this meme along, I'd want to hear from everyone on what the X-mas Genie, I'd love to hear from all the readers on what they'd want. But to anyone specific out there, it has to be Pandora, David, Ivan, Swan Shadow, Brent, Tom, Homer, Mike and since he's never really experienced a meme before, First Reader Dave Hewitt. Everybody has their big Christmas wish. What's yours?

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