Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Gettin' Nuttin For Christmas But Arrested

You've heard the story of the twelve year old South Carolina kid who was busted by the cops after his mom found out that the boy had gone thru his presents to find his gift and snuck it to his room to play with it. Many bloggers have commented that the mom was crazy for snitching to the fuzz like that. Because nobody likes a snitch. However, the kid was already a troublemaker according to his mom and she's done almost everything to get this kid straight. Speaking as someone who's been down that road before, actually did the right thing. When I was twelve, I got busted for shoplifting a week before Christmas and almost went behind bars. When My folks saw me later after the cop gave me the shakedown, I knew my holiday was over and I was getting nothing. But it taught me a huge lesson that crime doesn't pay. So our little pal is lucky. At least she didn't whoop the hell out of him.

Don't worry...I didn't get a whooping, either.

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