Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Super Bad

Man, yesterday had to be the worst Christmas I ever experienced. First, I worked all day at the radio station from five in the morning until seven in the evening due to...Well, don't get me started. This is why I decided to stop talking about my job here. Needless to say, I was already tired when I got the news of James Brown's death. That had taken a hard day and turned it into heartrending.

I got a call from my boss telling me to put together a report on the death for some of the stations by getting audio for the online news wire. I opted not to go that route and one hour before I hit the air, I put the report together myself using my personal CD of music ("James Brown-Twenty All Time Greatest Hits") and rewriting reports and what I already knew about the man. This story became personal to me and I wanted to give the man the best tribute I could. I truthfully haven't done a news story since 9/11 and this was almost as hard and as saddening to write. But I did it and it ran all Christmas Day.
The one thing that kids these days don't understand is that before there were music videos of everyone dancing, before there were rappers talking about the streets, before any of these guys had a beat, there was James Brown. There will never, EVER be anyone that could match the man. They may bite the style and make it theirs, but they will never be able to top it. Ever. Not Justin, Usher or Michael Jackson. Not Jay-Z, Nas, nor Public Enemy. Not the Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, or The Rolling Stones. No one. The Man gave us FUNK. That is history

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