Sunday, January 28, 2007

Between October and December, we had The Big Three Holidays. Starting Wednesday and on the February 28th, there's the Not Quite As Big Three, begining with National Gorilla Suit Day. The name is explainatory. Put on a gorilla suit and go door to door. Getting bananas are optional and tuxs don't count as monkey suits that day. To find out more about it and it's founder Don Martin, please click here. I should not have to remind you all that gorillas are big moneys. And as we all know, MONKEYS IS FUNNY.

On February 14 is "Leave Me The Hell Alone Or I'll Punch You In The Mouth" Day. This is for single people fed up with never getting a Valentine's Day card. After being single now for FOUR YEARS (online relationships don't count), I'm as fed up as ever on that day. So, point blank. If you wanna be my girlfriend now, here's your chance. You must either live here in Savannah, live at least 20 miles near it, or willing to move. Must be good looking and like slushies. I may just do the same as undercover agent against evil The Retropolitan and come come up with a Valentine Application form. Do you like me? Check ( ) for yes, check ( ) for no.

Finally, on February 25 is Goth Girl Blog Day. which is fun if you have a blog and especially if you're a Goth Girl. You can be as depressing as you want that day and have some fun with it. Talk about how bad coffee makes you want to die. How the color black brings out your pale skin. Listen to lots of Sioxie and the Banshees that day and call yourself Bad Luck Schleprock. It's fun!
Wowsie-wowsie-woo-woo, y'all!

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