Sunday, January 28, 2007

How's Classes Going?

If you were wondering or not, I'm doing pretty good in my new found role as a part time college student. The two classes I'm taking now, Stategies For Success and Psych 101 and pretty simple so far. The Strategies class is actually a reading comprehention class and thanks to having a blog, I should come out of it with a A, I hope. But, I have a term paper on cultural diversity due on the 19th and I haven't even started on yet. I'll try to remedy that today. Don't get me started on if they also teach on how to use your computer's spell check, by the way.

One thing that did happen to me over the week was that my 1993 Ford Escort has bit the dust. This was the car that my ex wife left holding the bills to when she split. It turned out that the clutch is locked up and won't budge and inch, so it just sits there in the yard now. Well, with the car finally giving up the ghost, I can now say that even though the divorce was final in 2003, the last thing that reminded me of her is almost gone! FREEDOM!!!

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