Friday, January 05, 2007

My Stats

Have you guys ever checked out the counter stats on this web page? For a good while last year, I wound up gaining an average of 250 hits a day due to a photo of Paris Hilton I hyperlinked to, but since then, the average view daily is around 70 hits a day, which is nice for a site like this. I don't ask for much, really. I also check out the referral links that bounce back to my page, via Google. Here's some of the more interesting, frequent links...

Paula Deen's Ex Husband ( I've never written about the man, but I'll bet that this guy must be kicking his own butt everytime the woman's on Food Network. Which is at least 5 times a day now. And if he's reading this, bet you'll be nicer now to women, won't you?).

Naked Lyle Waggoner I put that up for the ladies out there two years ago and it seems that women still go for it, for some sad reason. Besides, if I can run a photo of Linda Carter, I have to run this so don't look like a sexist pig...

"Not Google gizzle" I have no clue what what the hell the person who typed that in was looking for or how it got linked to me, but now they have a place to look to.

"Spelling Ellen Claghorn's Name" I guess we all spelled it wrong and Miss C-L-E-G-H-O-R-N wants us all to get it right so she can get someone to remember her from SNL so she can get some quality work finally.

Face it, folks. I've a weirdness magent online as well, it seems. I'll bet if the guys at Blog Savannah knew what they were linking to, they wouldhave run me out of town by now for all my geekiness.

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