Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Allow myself to introduce myself...."


I feel stupid having to introduce myself to my own hometown, but there's an explanation for that, which I'll get to later. First, the intro...

For those of you new here, welcome to the webblog known as Sam-a-rama! I am it's webmaster, caretaker, CEO and bottlewasher, Samuel M. Johnson. The "M" stands for "Magnaminous". You are reading a blog that began June 29, 2004 after deciding that the world needs to hear for more jackholes with their own crackpot opinion. After keepping an eye on a few blogs for a few months (the biggest influence here being Mark Evanier's News From Me), I started work on my own. It was originally called "The Real Sam Johnson Show" which had your typical whining about my personal life. But quickly, I started to post about stuff I liked: Comic books, old TV, bad movies, old time radio, dumb celebrites and Slushies. Soon, I began to gain more readers, especially from the wonderful state of Montana, where I have been called an Honorary Son of The State. From there, the name changed from The R.S.J.S. (which is now the name of my blog for My Space) to what we see now and I haven't looked back.
For those of you who need no intoduction, you may have noticed that new little button the left of your screen below. I have decided to side myself with Blog Savannah, a coalition of local bloggers for more exposure here at home. Truthfully, I have nothing in common with most, if any of the other sites. But, the only other blog from Savannah that I link to here has been Ivan Schreve's Thrilling Days of Yesteryear ( By the way Ivan...I've been trying to leave comments on your page, but for sme reason after posting, it comes back saying "page cannot be found". It may be due to the fact that the computers here are cheap at work, I dunno.). I've called our friendship The League of Savannah Bloggers since we've met and hope to continue our friendship for years to come, but I think I should let the other Savannahians know what I've been doing here. The one think folks hate here is to be left in the dark about anything.
So new reader, what should you expect from Sam-a-rama?
Enbedded videos of old televison;
The verbal thrashing of Dane Cook;
Incoherent writing due to dialysis (almost like now);
My love for Linda Carter

and MONKEYS, MONKEYS, MONKEYS. Because to me, Monkeys Is Funny.

Please have a look at the archives, leave a comment, toss a fish to our mascot on the right Carl Wintergarten and check out the links to the other sites on my blogroll as all of them are worthy.So welcome to my town, Savannah. WELCOME TO SAM-A-RAMA!

Screw this up and I will move this dog and pony show to Billings. They love me there...

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