Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blond Ambition

When I got the news that Anna Nicole Smith died on Thursday, it was a bit of a shock, but stagely to me, it felt like a dramatic way to become an icon. Smith had become this generation's pinup girl. Truthfully to me, she felt more like Jayne Mansfield more than Marylin Monroe, but all three died tragicly before hitting forty and all three were very beautiful. However, with Anna Nicole, she has the presence on the internet in her final years, either showing off her old Playboy shots, going to You Tube for clips of her reality show, or hawking diet pills, not to mention reports of (mis)adventures in life. Now that she's gone, her legend will grow even more, with how she died and why, where will her fortune go, and just who is the father of her baby girl Dannilynn. With now three men standing before the public claiming to be the baby's daddy and possble millions at stake, Anna Nicole Smith will be in the public eye for years to come as one of the first 21 century icons just for being herself. A reality, indeed.

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