Monday, February 26, 2007


Crap. I was so busy yesterday trying to put finishing touches on my term paper, that I completly forgot to celebrate Goth Girl Blog Day here. I guess I truly have been that busy that it slipped my mind. At least I got an email from Dave Hewitt telling me how he celebrated it.

"I had a great Goth Girl Blog Day. I left my Fiona Apple and ChemicalRomance CD's at work, and I raced out to the library on Saturday and wasable to get "Extraordinary Machine" CD. (Yes, I still rely on the publiclibrary for my music). I listened to Fiona Apple in the morning while Iread a book on the human brain. I worked that afternoon at the bookstore(no Goth girls there today), but was home in time for the Oscars. It was great that one billion people watched the Oscars and celebrated Goth Girl Blog Day with us. I noticed that before the Celebration started, Barbara Walters had a special. In it, she wore a black dress to interview Eddie Murphy and again at the end she wore a different black dress. With her pasty white skin, she epitomized the whole Goth Girl thing. I think we should name her Ms. Goth Girl Blog Day 2007.

I hope you had a great day too."

Once again, my appoligies to the readers. That, along with the above image will haunt me for days. Next year, we do it right. GOTH STYLE.


Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about Goth Girl Blog day yesterday too. I put off listening to the new Fiona Apple CD until February, and it totally slipped my mind.

I still miss you Sam.

Dave Hewitt

Anonymous said...

Happy Goth Girl Blog Day 9 years later.