Monday, February 26, 2007

Savannah Idol

don't watch the show as much, but once in a while I'll tune into American Idol to see all the fuss. Personally, it drives me buggy. If I were twenty years younger, I'd be all over that show trying to get on and WIN. You heard me. Back then, I was a pretty good mid tenor and could belt out with the best of them. These days, I'm a high baritone and everyone in a while, I'll get up and do a kareoke tune or if I catch a musician friend of mine I would see about sitting in for a song or two, but I had my dreams back then. I even wanted to start a band back in high school, but could never get it off the ground. A the dreams of youth.

Well, it's time to pass it along to a new generation and here in Savannah it's gone to Stephanie Edwards. She's a student at Armstrong State University and is now a part of pop culture thanks to Fox. If you've heard her in the past few weeks, she has a great voice, but here in Savannah, we've known that since she's done loads of performances here. Right now, she's in this close to getting into the Top ten and I think with her talent, she could go far. Now, if there's an Idol on the show that's near you, embrace them. Show them some love. I'll try to watch as many shows as I can and I may even vote for Stephanie every chance I get. Because up there on that stage is every person from every little town who has the chance to finally shine. Make us proud, Stephanie. The Seaport is watching you.

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