Thursday, March 22, 2007

American Idiots

I'm still very pissed over American Idol.

I went through most of the night cussing up a storm trying to figure out how the hell could America make such a stupid mistake. How could America not vote for Stephanie Edwards? What was going through America's mind? Is America drunk or just plain stupid?

I saw Stephanie's performance Tuesday and while it wasn't my favorite from her, she still did a better job of doing "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" than nearly all of the other singers on stage that night, I thought. But somehow, Stephanie gets the least amount of votes this week and that is a damn shame, America.This is all your fault and if the next American Idol REALLY STINKS, it's on YOU.

If I could have had handicapped the final three, I would have gone with Melinda, LaKisha and Stephanie; first to third in that order. I thought Stephanie had a wonderful voice that has some great strengh to it, but she still young. There it comes down to the final two. Although LaKisha has the power behind her voice, Melinda is just there to sing and let her voice be heard. Plus, she's humble about the whole thing. Such an amazing voice from sush a small package. Which is why if it were up to me personally, Melinda would win. But it's not and I really don't care anymore.

See, I now have a feeling that this whole Vote for Sanjaya to win joke is gonna go on for way too long. I'm sorry. Too much hair, too much teeth, too much bad singing can go so far, like they should have gotten rid of this guy from the beginning. Even he knows he sucks. Every week, he has his look on his face like, "I know I blow, but I'm gonna ride this baby to the top". Simon Cowell has allegedly said that if this guy wins, he'd quit the show. I would too. I would not want to be known as the guy who has made both Clay Aiken and Sanjaya quasi-stars. Plus this whole thing with the Vote for the Worst website rallying around Sanjaya (who I'm not even gonna link to, since it's such a stupid site) is the worst thing in the world. There are folks out there who actually have talent and have busted their ass trying to be heard and finally an opportunity comes up where they can show off their talent. These pussies come along like the punks you see show up at a high school talent show, making the loudest noise when the best talent shows up on stage, ruining their performance. It makes me wish for the school principal and the head gym coach would just come along, smack them in the back of the head and give them the paddle for messing it up for everyone.

So let's face it: if you're gonna watch the show this year at this point there at only two singers left to watch, Melinda and LaKisha. That's it. If you want to still watch, fine. It's your perogitive. But I'm done with the show. I wish those two the best of luck, but from this point on, I can't support the show. As for Stephanie, just come on home. You did your best but it seems America has a tin ear. I thinks when it's all said and done, a lot of folks are goning to realize that a huge mistake was made letting you go. When they do, and they are watching Sanjaya on that American Idol tour destryoing another tune night after night, I want you look them in the eye, smile and blow them away with a high note. Keep on singing, girl.

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