Friday, March 23, 2007


I have made my alegiance to the dark side, finally. I has sided with the Cobra Kai because truthfully, I wanted to see Danny get his pretty boy butt kicked and Johnny win the trophy and the girl. Right makes might, my butt.

I only began to realize this once I saw this music video that's been on the web for a bit now called "Sweep The Leg" from a band called No More Kings. What makes this vid hot is that it was directed by and featuring Johnny himself, William Zabka, King of the Movie Jerks as we find out what happened to our anti-hero in the past few years Plus, there's a few other surprizes from some of the "Karate Kid" cast. Except for Pat Morita, since he's dead. But hey, they all gotta work these days somehow. Anyway, enjoy the video.


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