Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Comic Book Goldrush

Now that I am back on the air here, I have to answer some comic book questions here, since the death of Captain Anerica looms over my head. If I were back on last week, I'd have jumped all over this.

Brent McKee wanted to know about the state of the old Captain and will they bring him back. As far as I know, expect the real Cap to be gone for a good while, while Marvel has fun with the whole "Civil War" thing. What alot of folks don't know is that Marvel also killed off Thor as well a few years back and he's expected to make a major return sometime later this year. Remember, this is comics. Remember how they killed off Superman and brought him back?

Speaking of which, I want to touch on something I brought up in a previous post about folks who want to purchase Captain America #25, the issue that Cap was killed, but who normally don't collect or read comic books. STAY OUT OF THE COMIC BOOK STORES. I'm talking to you, speculator. I know your plan. You go walking into the store, looking like a fish out of water, asking did the book come out yet. When you do, you'll go right to it and pull down three or four copies of it, then run home withthem and either try to sell them off on Ebay for way too much or hoard them and try to sell it back to the store thinking you have a goldmine. Well guess what, Bunky? You won't.

I talked about this a couple of years ago when I worked for The Comic Box here in Savannah and dealt with folks who purchased Superman # 75 when the Man of Steel was killed. Although nearly a million copies of the book was published, folks bought it like was fresh water in a desert. However, becasue the market was flooded with the book, collectible prices that went as high for over a hundred dollars at the beginning quickly dropped. Al though I don't work there anymore, I do that the Comic Box ordered only the regular amount they did for Cap #25, enough for subcribers and for the shelves and that's it. When it sold out after the media hype hit the same day, it flew off the shelves. Later that week, Marvel announced that they would go into a second print of the book that would come out on March 28th. I found out how many the store would be ordering, and I'm not gonna tell you. Simply for the fact that speculators are gonna make a mess of it. So, I'm gonna make a suggestion to you folks who plan getting their copy to hopefully send their kids to Harvard. Just buy one copy. Let the folks who really want to enjoy the book buy it. If you're not gonna read it, then leave it alone. It'll be a bust for you and the other guy who wnated to really wanted to pick it up. Becasue if I see you in the store and you have more than one copy and I have never seen you in the store before, ever, I am gonna haunt you for the rest of your days. I will bust on you like you wouldn't believe. I will point at you, call you a lousy speculator in your face and chase you out of the store with a rolled up copy of Richie Rich.

Please. Don't make an angry Black man with a Captain America t-shirt come after you with a Richie Rich comic.

I know it's happening everywhere at thtis point. Stalwart Mike Sterling (who I'm getting caught up on and a belated "Happy Birthday" to him) has his own insight on this as I've seen. I know I never want to see another comic book goldrush, so I just want to put this out there now, before Captain America #25 becomes a peice of tin after it was a gold standard of what a comic should be.

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