Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Get Your Punishment

Okay, so it's been a week since Captain America was taken down by a sniper and killed. Immediatly, everyone thought that the legend of the Star Spangled Avenger was done. Not quite...

Ladies and gentlemen, meet THE NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA. Actually, more like Captain Punisher, since the Vigilante took Cap's mask after he threw it to the ground in Civil War. This looks a comcept that came from Mad Magazine or a Catholic school, I tell ya. Some bad guy's gonna get shot in the crotch for the hell of it.

By the way, when the second print of the assasination of Captain America comes out, just get one copy. I know there's a bunch of speculators out there wanting to hog up issues, but trust me. Ebay has the first printing for 125 dollars right now. In less than a year, they'll be worth half that because of the way Marvel prints them, because of all the media hype on this.So read it because it's a comic, but don't expect to put your kids through Yale from it.

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