Monday, March 19, 2007

Green Madness

The green has been bleached out of the fountains, the trash has beed sweeped from the streets, the drunks have put back on their suits on returned to work, even the crazy acid throwing lady has gone back into her hole. St. Patrick's Day/Weekend is now over and Savannah can return to normal.

Personaly, I'm glad it's over so I can go downtown again and not have to right a crowd to go get drink. This was the biggest St. Pat's weekend the town has ever seen. I know lots of businesses who saw a major increase in sales over the weekend, especially if they were in the booze business. You should have seen the crowd that was on River Street Saturday afternoon. Oh wait, you can. Here's a photo...
I truthfully could not move through those people. I only had a few hours sleep the night before from work (I wound up at a night club downtown with one of the radio stations and was out until three in the morning. Yes, it was work and I'm sticking with that) so I was too tired to fight a bunch of partiers. I caught a shuttle to get downtown since parking would not be found anywhere. So I caught up with friends as we trekked our way through the green madness. I was so tempted to yell out, "you kids stop all that noise and while you're at it, git off my lawn!"

By the way, with all the craziness going on I did not touch one drop of alcohol on St. Patrick's Day. But I did get a shot of Captain Morgan.One thing I didn't find out about until after it happened was finding out that Spike TV was in town to cover the Major League Eating St. Patrick's Day Chowdown. This has officially turned a 183 year old celebration that turned onto a runner up to Mardi Gras into Redneck Spring Break. In case you're wondering how it all turned out and not up, here's a video of the insanity of two men racing to see who can eat the most jalapeneo poppers.

Here's shot of a couple of women who had only come there to have a good time, only to succumb to the beaded madness. Before this photo was taken, they were missionaries out to stop folks from drinking, whoring, and swearing on such a holy Catholic day...

Finally, after seeing all thew green beer, green sandwhiches, green t-shirts, green ditch water, greenet all, I left my friends and returned to the bus stop to return home and reflect on the day. Here I am waiting at the nearest stop...

And here I am an hour later wating for that same bus to get through the bad traffic and crowds that have taken over my fair town... To all the nearly million people who visited Savannah for all the fun and excitement of St. Patrick's Day, thanks for coming down. NOW GET THE FRAK OUTTA HERE. I'm tired and my feet hurt.

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