Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How My Day Was

Well, I've taken my Psychology finals and so Winter quarter is over for me and soon Spring quarter shall begin. But as of today, Spring Break has begun! I can't wait to head down to Daytona with the guys, meet up with some chicks, head out to the beach, only to bump into some bad guys who want to take over the town and somehow, me and my buddies win in the end, with some sexual escapades and some slapstick in the end.

In actually, I'm going to be sitting on my butt and watch lots of TV. My days of wearing Wayfarers and Jams surf shorts are over. At least in public.

As soon as I got home from school today, I decided to get lazy, so I threw on my new millennium version of Jams, a t-shirt and surfed the web to see if anything cools was going on today. I jumped over to Mark Evanier's site and found out that he'd be a live guest today on Shokus Internet Radio's Stu Show ("Stu" being Stu Shokus, who owns the station), so I thought I've give him a call. It was great to finally tell Mark thanks for linking me to his site and for all the years of great reading. What surprised me was he remembered about the kidney failure and he asked how I was doing, which was extremely nice of him to do. We (including animation expert Earl Kress) then got to talk about 60's TV animation, specifically Filmation and how they wound up with Superman. I really wanted to know since I just found out that The New Adventures Of Superman will be coming out finally on DVD in June, just in time for my birthday. In all, it was great to hear from Mark and hopefully one day get together for lunch so I can pick his brain about working for Hanna-Barbera. Although we don't have a place that sells the creamy tomato soup they have in California, I think I can get the guy to eat a nice bowl of grits. And like it.
By the way, if you check the schedule at the Shokus website, you can catch a repeat of the show and the historic meeting of the minds all this week. And for those of you who've never heard me speak other than regular radio, I really don't sound like I look. What, did you all think I sounded like Michael Clark Duncan as well?
UPDATE I just got an email from Dr. Lane, my pscych instructor, letting me know I passed with a C. not bad for a guy who's returning to school after twenty years, huh? Just wait till next quarter...

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