Sunday, March 25, 2007


After all the hype, I have decided that I want to see "Grindhouse" in theaters now. At midnight.

If you're past the age of thirty, you should remember, or somewhat remember if you did pot (I didn't. I swear.) going to a midnight movie to see soem wild flick that had the audience leaughign, creeing and screaming along. Maybe it was "Rocky Hoor Picture Show", or perhaps "Faces of Death" or any other grade B to Z flick. But you knew that you had fun watching it. Well, that makes me want to see "Grindhouse" at the stroke of twelve. Becasue they don't make movies like this anymore. I have to see it, just for this review I just read on Ain't It Cool...

"First 300 and now this? I think the summer of 2007 just went, “Hey, let me take you to a free taquito buffet” and you eat all these taquitos and then the summer goes, “Here comes a foot to your stomach”, but you go, “It’s full of taquitos” but it’s too late – there’s a boot in your stomach only the boot is really a motorcycle and you puke up a bikini girl who blows you and then kills your boss with a hammer.

"That’s what GRINDHOUSE is. It’s a taquito buffet that you puke up after getting hit with a motorcycle, and it turns into a bikini chick that blows you and kills your boss with a hammer."

If that doesn't make you love taquitos, then here's the trailer...

Look, if there's a midnight show here in Savannah, and you know about it and you plan on going, LET ME KNOW! I want in on this thing.

Did I mention it has a babe with an M-16 where her leg used to be and KURT RUSSELL?!

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