Thursday, March 29, 2007

My New Project!

I'm glad to say that accomplished my first quater of college with success! Think about this: I tackled college while holding down a job and going to dialysis. I have to say, that is pretty bad ass if I may say so myself. I've said it before, but I've never been more proud to do anything else and I can't wait for the future. But now, I get to relax for a bit and take care of things at home. The bad thing about being single is that you have to clean up youself and can't pass the buck. You could, if your name is Bruce Wayne and you had Alfred. But then, you could call over a lesser superhero like Booster Gold and make him clean up your mansion. Because you're Batman and you don't have to clean up jack squat.

I'm also cleaning up my computer as well. I'm getting rid of a bunch of vintage television commercials I've had on the hard drive for a bit to move faster and they gotta go somewhere. So thanks to the good folks at You Tube, I can now see them there and so can you. Now, I only have 98 commercials to post, so I'm calling this The Blaxstone 98 just to make it special. I'm post a few every week until all the room is made and I am out. You can visit the ones I've already added here, but here's one to wet you whistle. This is an ad for Sharp Calulators from around either '74 or '75 when they were all the rage. This one also went for $345. If we knew then what we knew now.

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