Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Top 15 TV Channels

A couple of days ago, Brent McKee wrote about his favorite TV channels, in order of favorite. Mind you, Brent is Canadian, som some of the networks are unfamiliar to me.I could joke about the Canadian Learning Channel and what they teach, but I would like to uphold Eagle/Maple relations. So in honor of his list, here is my list in order of which one I watch the most:.

1. NBC
2. CBS
3 Fox
4. Turner Classic Movies
5. ABC
6. Headline News
7. Food Network
8. Comedy Central
9. USA
10.BBC America
13.Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
15. CW

NBC get's my top spot as Heroes and the on the bubble Studio 60 keep me quiet on Monday nights ( I don't feel like getting involved with The Black Donelleys), Thursday nights has been rejuvinated (they could stand to move E.R., give Andy Barker, P.I. the 10 pm slot, find a 10:30 show and make it an all comedy night) and if I can stay up past my bedtime, Conan. As for number four, I love a good movie and TCM is one of the biggest reasons I have Dish Network.

I've suddenly caught myself watching alot of the Beeb in the afternoons now since they've dropped The Saint and brought on The Prisoner to be followed by The Avengers. I watch more of Adult Swim than I do the entire Cartoon Network (Tim and Eric's Awsome Show Great Job is a perfect companion show for Robot Chicken). For number fourteen, I dig the geek culture of Attack of the Show, but Olivia Munn makes the program for me. As for the CW, Smallville is the only reason I watch the network, although I do sneek a peek at Lauren Graham after a long day.

You can tall alot about a person from what they watch in TV. I'm not much of a sports nut, but I do like to keep up to date with the latest news. What you see is what i watch, however: I'm a Geek who loves to vegetate in front of the boob tube. I'm not sure if Brent had intended for this to be a meme of sorts, but what channels do you watch the most?

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