Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Return of The Mack

Okay, we gotta boost readership around here. I haven't been regularly for a bit, but today things change. That's right, I'm back on the web. No more swiping broadband from everyone else. I'm on my own as of right now. I'm using Bell South Fast Access DSL as of this moment and the results so far has been fine. I'm getting wonderful speed, at least enough to get a full stream without interruption. I don't know numbers, but it's the fastest thing Bell South had. What this means is I'm able to post stuff more often then folks having to wait a week to see if I'm still around. Also, alot of these posts will be going into my school journal, which I have to keep up with in order to get a grade. I've also got a new online project that I'm working on that I'll reveal tomorrow here. So, do me a favor and stick around for a bit. Things are gonna get interesting around here.

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