Sunday, March 04, 2007

Savannah Reality Check

Busy week, let's get to it.
Wednesday was an important day for television here in Savannah, as folks were torn between watching American Idol with Stephanie Edwards or America's Next Top Model with Brittany Carrigher. I just found out about Brittany, as she's 21 years old and is a waitress/bartender here in town. So, which do you think I picked? That's right, Stephanie. I can't can't stand Top Model. Even more, I can't stand Tyra Banks. Now. This is gonna sound very sexist, but she was great when she just modeled underwear and kept her mouth shut. And now, you wanna celebrate Black History Month by reminding everyone that you where the first black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue on your talk show? She's fine, but she ain't that fine, like we used to say back in the day. Nonetheless, I can't get into Top Model. First of all, I eat sanwiches. They do not. Second, I really don't need makeup tips. Third, America doesn't get to vote, so it's more Tyra's Next Top Model. I almost forgot: Fourth, Miss J scares me. I do wish Brittany good luck however and even though she is back in Savannah (the folks at Blog Savannah saw her wating tables a few days ago), she doesn't spill whether she won or lost and has to pay out millions of dollars if she does.
On to Stephanie now. As most of you know, I still do the radio thing, though not as much what with school these days. However, I was asked to fill in WEAS FM/93.1 while their night jock Lil' G went off to host an American Idol viewing party. I did what I thought was a great job that night. I even got to do color commentary of Stephanie's performance on the air and rallied folks listening to call and vote after the show was over. The request lines lit up with folks calling and asking me for the toll free number to vote. I must have called in over ten times and even texted twice personally. In the end, Stephanie moved on to the next round of twelve and will hopefully keep going, although after hearing Melinda Doolittle...
You know, a year ago, I wouldn't be talking like this. Five years ago, I wouldn't be talking about American Idol, unless to diss Simon, Ryan and the rest. But this time out, it's one of my own up there and I'm hooked. That's really messed up. So Stephanie, you better do a bang up good job this week. No more Beyonce' kareoke. Get up there and show America what you got, girl. For once, I'm really watching.

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