Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Alright, I'm going to use some harsh language here that I've never used before on this site, but I've seen some stupid things in my life, but tonight's American Idol was bullshit. I mean, Stephanie Edwards may have come from my home town, but she get's voted off and Sanjaya, who pulled off the worst cover I have ever heard since Mae West's "Twist and Shout" stays on the frickin's show? Stephanie was at least in the top three of all the singers they had this year, Melinda and Lakishia being the other two in mine and the correct thinking of viewers, I would hope. But face it, this proves to me that the show is and has always been crap, Vote For The Worst will get their wish and make the worst act ever the winner this year and any jackass who watches the show now deserves what they get this year. I only watched the damn thing becasue of Stephanie this year, but now screw it. I didn't watch "Idol" before and now I'm done with it. Stephanie, come on home and the hell with them. Folks in Savannah knew how good you were, are and will be. Smart Americans know now, too. Let Fox deal with the idiots now.
I'm really that pissed off right now. You should hear the f-bombs I'm dropping right now on Simon Cowell.

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