Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Is Only A Test

So here's the thing. With all the wackiness of St. Patrick's Day, I never had a chance to study for a test I had on Monday for my Stragies for Success class. It was a matching choice test with twenty questions that needed answering. What made the test harder was due to the fact that I also had to do a make up test for a day I missed two weeks ago. That was also a twenty question test. I think we can add all of those together. Anyway, I said to myself thazat I was gonna go in there and do the best that I can and come out okay. As it turned out, I somehow must have studied the terms as classes have been going on through the quarter and done my homework well enough, because after I finished the test, the teacher Mrs Rubin graded them. Moments later, I was given the results.

I passed with an 80 on one and an 85 on another. I averaged with a B.

I am the baddest man on the planet. For this week at least. Finals are next week. Pray for me...

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