Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Comic Book Day!

I'd better mention this now, as last year I got complaints that I didn't tell everyone soon enough. I'm censoring myself right now, as I'm not the one who's in charge of information for this event and it's all over the freakin' web and they could have looked for it themselves and if you don't like it.....

sigh. Sorry, it's a dialysis day and I'm out of sorts. I'm not mad at anyone. I'm just tired, but I wanted to get this out now before I forget.

Anyway, the day of May 5th has been designated Free Comic Book Day this year and if anyone hasn't gone to their local comic book store, they should now. Listen, if the local Dodge dealership had a Free Car Day, the lots would be empty in seconds. It's just that simple: If someone is giving free stuff away, take advantage of it. Stop by your nearby comic book store and get some free books. There's some great reading for the entire family, especially for younger kids this year. Here in Savannah, I'll be going to my hangout/Fortress of Solitude, The Comic Box, which I'm finally getting around to puitting a link in the blogroll. Forgive me, Fred. Of course, you can go to the FCBD's website to find the sotre near you. This year, there's no bickering about how you missed it last year becauseI didn't tell you.

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