Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Geeks In Black

Today, I embark on a new project. One I hope will bring folks together in a way never before. When I say folks, I mean Geeks. Not just any Geeks, I mean the Black Geek. Those African American fans of Sci-fi/comics/horror/pop culture. The ones who get called "nerd" by their family. There's nothing to be afriad of anymore. I have created a haven for you.

It's called Geeks In Black. I came up with it when I noticed that there wasn't a place for folks like me on My Space to get together. We're out there and I know we are. We're at the conventions, the comic book stores, at the movies and on the online forums. But we don't have our own place. Now we do. Now, I'm not limiting this only to Blacks themselves. Everyone is welcome. But I hope that Blacks Geeks embrace this as a home for their Geekdom and still have street cred. So, if you're My Space member, join us. If you're not, now's a good time to do so. Say it now! I'm a Geek and I'm proud!

Join now!

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