Monday, April 09, 2007

The Hornet's Sting

My fellow blogger from the good state of Montana, David of Better Living Through Blogging and I have a few things in common. We both get hyped for good movies ( We both saw "Grindhouse", so how the frick wasn't the movie number one at the box office over the weekend? Because the youth audience has the attention span of fleas, but I digress), and we both love The Green Hornet. We've both found some great items online about the Hornet, but I usually find the videos. As it turns out, David just stated that he's not a fan of You Tube videos on his blog today. Well, you're gonna be a fan today, pal.

First up is a commercial for Lays Potato chips with a Free Green Hornet ring inside. Remember when they put free stuff inside of food products that wasn't, like rats and fingers?

Now, this one is a rare treat. Here's a pilot version that was meant only for ABC executives on how the show would look. All the actors other than Bruce Lee were dropped and replaced, including Jay Murray who played Britt/Green Hornet.
This guy made Adam West look like DeNiro and was thankfully removed for Van Williams to take over. Trust me, this is not good. Just listen to him say "subliminal" behind that horrible mask and you'll wish Kato would have given him a flying kick to the head. But at least you know that the producers were working on it to make it better. You better like these, David. Don't Jimmy me on these, man. He knows what that means.

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