Saturday, April 14, 2007

One Last Imus Mention...

I have one last thing I wanted to say about Don Imus. Earlier this week, I talked about how I thought the whole thing reminded me of one of my favorite movies "A Face in the Crowd". I wondered how long before anyone else would catch up. I just checked and found out TV writer Ken Levine just picked up on it on his own over at the Huffington Post. As for Imus himself, firing him just made him go away for just a bit. I just know it bveing in radio for a good while. CBS and MSNBC did what they had to do and I understand. But someone like the I-man will not be too gone for long from the airwaves. After all the bluster and all the noise, the man did make money for the networks. So don't think he's gone forever, sadly. The whole scenario reminds me of the end of "A Face in the Crowd" after Andy Griffith's Lonesome Rhoades lost his viewership after making a verbal mistake on the air and the only person left talking to him is Walter Matthau as his former writer, Mel Miller.

Lonesome Rhodes: Listen, I'm not through yet. You know what's gonna to happen to me?

Mel Miller: Suppose I tell you exactly what's gonna happen to you. You're gonna be back in television. Only it won't be quite the same as it was before. There'll be a reasonable cooling-off period and then somebody will say: 'Why don't we try him again in a inexpensive format. People's memories aren't too long.' And you know, in a way, he'll be right. Some of the people will forget, and some of them won't. Oh, you'll have a show. Maybe not the best hour or, you know, top 10. Maybe not even in the top 35. But you'll have a show. It just won't be quite the same as it was before. Then a couple of new fellas will come along. And pretty soon, a lot of your fans will be flocking around them. And then one day, somebody'll ask: 'Whatever happened to, a, whatshisname? You know, the one who was so big. The number-one fella a couple of years ago. He was famous. How can we forget a name like that? Oh by the way, have you seen, a, Barry Mills? I think he's the greatest thing since Will Rogers.'

[Mel turns and starts to leave. Then, he turns back towards Lonesome]

Mel Miller: Beanie!

[Beanie, who is manning the automatic appalause machine, instinctively pulls the switch, unleashing a massive abundance of cheers. The machanical jubilation continues as Mel joins Marcia in the waiting elevator, leaving Lonesome alone in the empty penthouse with his broken dreams]

I cna see that happening at the Imus household now, if it already hasn't. So long, Don. We'll see you on the satellite in a couple of years. Me, I'm going back to watch the rest of the fictional version on Turner Classic Movies.

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