Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Are Worthless, Alec Baldwin

Oh yeah, real good, Baldwin. I'm not gonna get on to you about the phone call. Everybody else has, but I won't. That little tiff of your was nothing compared to what I heard as a kid. Believe me, Black people are used to parents going off the chain ( white kids will never hear a father say, "I will beat the Black off of your ass"). No, I'm talking about you wanting off 30 Rock so you can get your life back together and move to France. You sir are now officially a pussy in my book.

I can't believe you want to just drop it all and just run away. Dude, you're a great actor. this is why folks are watching the show. Tina Fey knew what she was doing when she asked you to be a part of it. You just want to throw it all away now and go run off to to some stupid country to go lick your wounds. Well, I say walk it off, you puss. How dare you deny me Jack Doneghy, one of the smartest written characters on TV today. How dare you leave Tina Fey in lurch like that, forced to hire a subpar actor to replace you. My God, if you leave and she hires Rob Schnider, I will find you and kick your Irish ass.

Look, you are the most normal of your brothers. Why ruin that reputation by living with the French. We've been good to you this far and now you want to tuck your tail between your legs and whimper off. Only a whimp does that. Do you want to be a whimp, Alec. Do you? The Shadow wasn't a whimp. That's right, I said THE SHADOW. Now, you get your crap together. Get in that court and apologize for your rant and be a good dad. Then, go off to Martha's Vinyard and a few weeks to relax. When it's over, carry your sorry ass back to NBC and go back to work, you thoughtless pig. I'm not gonna put up with this any more. Now you get your get your crap straight and learn responsibility or I will fly to where you are and straighten your ass out, you hear me? Good day, Alec.


(If he can talk to his daughter like that, then I can definitly talk to him the same way.

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