Friday, April 06, 2007

You're the next host on The Price Is Right!

Word is now out on who could be the new host on The Price Is Right. So far it's down to Mario Lopez, George Hamilton and Mark Steines. Please. Couldn't CBS do better than this list? Two guys from "Dancing With The Stars" and the guy who covers "Dancing WIth The Stars"? There are loads of B- and C-list folks in Hollywood who'd do a great job. USA Today brought up Arsenio Hall and Wayne Brady. How about Donny Osmond, since "The Great American Dream Vote" got recalled. By the way, where is John O'Hurley in all this? I heard that he was in the running, but his name hasn't been brought up in a while. I gues he's sticking to "Family Feud". His loss. Personally, I'd try Michael McDonald from "Mad TV" who does a great Bob Barker impression and actually looks cool holding that slender mic.

Or how about this: Let the show end. Face it. Thoughout the daytime version of the show, there has been various versions of it at night, with different hosts such as Tom Kennedy, Doug Davidson, and as of last year, Ricki Lake. But T.P.I.R. has the stamp of one man and that person is retiring. No one could make that show as good as Bob Barker has done since 1972. Bob Barker was the last of the dying breed, the game show host. Guys like Bill Cullen, Peter Tomarken, and Garry Moore are gone now. Monty Hall and Bob Eubanks have retired. It would be the same as when Leno took over for Johnny Carson for me. So I say when Bob says to spay and neuter your pets for the last time, the show goes off with him.

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