Friday, May 11, 2007

Do Not Pass Go

I've been quiet about this because everytime I say something about Paris Hilton, someone comes along pissed at me for talking bad about her. Well this time, I know I'd dead to right.

I'm glad she's going to jail. She probably won't spend the full forty-five days there, but while she's there I hope she learns her lesson. Yeah she's just a kid, but she's a spoiled rich kid who thinks she's above everything, including the law. Although she has come out on her little My Space page and said that she knows she's fully responsible, it's all spin. Anytime she can get her name out into the press, it's just a few more seconds on her fame clock. Even when she's mentioned here, it's just another Google hit for her.

A few months back, I got a comment from a sixteen year old girl who was upset with me that I had written such terrible thing about Miss Hilton. " ... you should have at least enough respect and dignity to think of how what YOU say can effect others; stop spending all your time trying to hurt others to make yourselves feel better, and try using your time to better yourself and worry less about others." Well kid, I feel great because Paris is going behind bars and there is one less dangerous driver on the road in America. How about we just look at the situation like this...

Say someone you knew personally was killed by someone who was driving drunk who had their driver's licence taken away from them. Then seeing the perpetrator of the crime telling the court that they didn't realize that they couldn't drive once the licence was gone. You'd be upset, too. Becasue then you would realize that the driver was a danger to everyone, whether the other person was another driver, passenger, or pedestrian.

If this takes Pairs off the roads for a while so she can learn how not to be a fool, so be it. I really hope that she does learn her lesson behind bars. If she's going to be a role model for teen aged girls,teach them to face up to responsibilty and grow up. I've lost way too many friends and family to folks on the roads driving without caring about the other guy. If Miss Hilton should ever come down that road and God forbids it does happen, please don't come back to me angry.

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