Friday, May 25, 2007

"A long time ago, in a place far, far away..."

School's out, flags are at full mast, families are now gathered together for a very special time in American history. Today is the thirtieth anniversary of "Star Wars' being released to the public. Since then, it's become a cultural phenom and we can't escape Wookies, Ewoks and of course, the Geek.

Here in my litte corner of the interweb, I decided to pay tribute by just screwing with the whole thing. First up is the one and only "Star Wars" kid, doing his thing. No remixes, no green screen adaptation, just the pure original.

Next, here's the short film "Troops", one of the very first tribute films to get appoval from the fans.

Continuing on, here's the first episode of "Chad Vader", who is Darth's younger brother. It's interesting that Chad works as a night manager of a grocery store, while Anakin keeps getting the Death Star blown up.

By the way, what happens when Darth has to call The Emporer to tell him The Death Star been blown to shreds? Here's what the guys at Robot Chicken thought.

Finally, here's the animated part of the dreaded "Star Wars Holiday Special". A couple of years ago, I posted the entire show here, but I couldn't do that to you this time, so instead I just got the best part for you, featuring the original cast and the first appearance of Boba Fett. Happy birthday, "Star Wars". You've helped to make geeks sexy now for thirty years. Be proud.

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