Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm posting this because folks forget how to laugh these days and we all need something to just make us hit the floor with laghter so hard, we get abs. A little background now: Anyone over the age of thirty should remember "The Carol Burnnett Show" on CBS Saturday nights at ten. it was Carol, Harvey Korman, Viki Laurence and Lyle Waggoner, with frequent guest Tim Conway. Lyle left in 1974 to do "Wonde Woman' and Timbecame a permanent. He was and still is one f the funniest guys ever to hit the screen and could outdo anyone from "Saturday Night Live" or Second City when it came to improv or physical comedy (I know I'm gonna hear it from some folks on that, but I don't care).

This bit is an outtake from the continuing "Eunice" sketches that ran on the Burnett show that later became the sitcom "Mama's Family". In it, the family is playing a board game when Mickey Harper, played by Comway tells the story of a circus elephant that will have you rolling. You'll see Dick Van Dyke, who replaced Korman in the final season looking like he's about to pee his pants. The funniest line doesn't come from Tim, but from Vicki as Mama. This mis funny enough for kids, but when Vicki dropps the final line, you may want to lower the volume for a second. I dare you however not to laugh af this bit. If you don't, then you are a cold hearted bastard. Enjoy!

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