Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Stay Tuned"

I was first aquanted with Tony Figueroa just over two years ago with an email thast just said "Child of Television" in the header. When I opened it, all it said was "Read 'Child of Television' " and nothing else. No reason why I should or would want to, just read it. I did and thought it was a pretty good blog. I did at first think it was kinda rude to just send an email like that and then have nearly the same name as another blog (sorry, Brent), but I got over it after talking to Tony via email. We've both left comments on each other's sites since then and have even become My Space friends. Well, everything that Tony knows is about to change for him.

I got an email from him this morning with a big announcement (he does that when he has a big announcement, Tony does) that Tony will now be in the public eye as the "tour guide" for the biggest TV show of the summer "On The Lot" coming to Fox on Tuesday, May 22nd at 9 p.m. In case you haven't heard, it's a reality show where budding filmakers have a chance to go to Hollywood for their big shot of winning a development deal with Dreamwork Pictures. The show is star studded and judged by Carrie Fisher, Brett Ratner, Garry Marshall and Jon Avnet and is produced by Mark Burnett and STEVEN SPIELBERG! SPIELBERG! THE MAN IS WORKING FOR SPIELBERG! I KNOW SOMEONE WORKING FOR SPIELBERG! NO SIX DEGREES OF SEPERATION HERE! WOW!

In all seriousness here, I have to say congratulations to Tony for this big break. I know that he and his wife Donna have both worked hard in Hollywood and it's finally paying off. Thank you for your good friendship over the years, Tony. I know that many of the fellow bloggers in both of our blogrolls wish you the best of luck on this new venture and I hope that you let us in on all the stories behind the scenes. You're gonna make a great host. Folks, it looks as though a Child of Television finally gets the chance to play. Don't forget to watch him.
By the way, I got an idea for a flick about a monkey who gets caught up in the Kennedy assasination. think I can get in on next season?

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