Monday, May 14, 2007

We Could Be Heroes

I know you've been watching "Heroes" and odn't tell me you haven't. I have been hooked on the show since the begining and continue to to enjoy it. NBC just announced that the show will be coming back of course, with an extra six episode series called "Heroes: Origins" which introduces us to six new people with powers who could move into the regular show. I'm loving the Heroes universe more and more now thanks to that concept.

I haven't really talked abou the show much due to time, but since we're getting closer and closer to the season finale, I just want to know your feelings about it. Do you watch or don't you? If you do watch it, who's your favorite character? Which one do you think will bite it in the end? And most importantly, do you think "Heroes" is a better show than "Lost"? Discuss below in the comments. I promise to add my own to each one!

By the way, tonight we come closer to seeing if New York blows up and if Linderman's plan of getting Nathan closer to The White House comes to play. For the first, I don't think we'll see NYC in flames, as I think Ted will be the one who dies. Second, I see Micah manipulating the voting machines for Linderman, but som emajor consiquences on the way for that. By the way, don't you think that the underlying crush between Peter and Clair is kinda creepy now? What do you think? Let a brotha know!

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