Sunday, July 15, 2007

Either Or

I hate choices. I hate having to make a decision on anything. I hate having to choose between vanilla or chocolate. I hate having to choose between "My Name is Earl" and "Smallville". I hate choosing between redheads and blonds. I hate, I hate, I hate I hate...

Right now, if I had to chose between getting the interweb turned back on in my house or having a working car, I would choose the car. The Started died on my on the Fourth of July and it hasn't run since. It's been sitting up in my year now while I can find someone cheap enough to repair it. Until then, I've had to miss out on my Summer classes, not to mention being late for dialysis. I shouldn't even try to reair athe car that my ex-wife left me with and just junk the damn thing, but it's the onlty way for me to get around. A 1993 four door Ford Escort that has only two working doors since I had an accident that had the passenger side banged in. Oh yeah, it's a real P-Wagon, that car. It's all I have though and I have no choice but to try and get it fixed on the cheap until I can afford a new car, or at least something new to me. That is why I'm not back on the web as fully as I should be. It's the choice that I made and I gotta see it through. Dammitt.

It's kinf of like that game "Would You Rather..." where folks create senarios and the person on the other side of the question makes the best, logical choice which is best for them. Somethings that can be really screwed up. How about we play a round or two. I'll come up with the question, you supply the answer.

Would you rather lose your hearing OR

lose the sence of touch?

Would you rather jump head first into a pool or sharks OR

run in the middle of a forest with a bear?

Would you rather have a five minute make out session with Dick Cheney OR

have a quckie with Al Gore?

Would you rather stand naked for fifteen minutes in front of your family on Thankgiving OR

being dumped by your signifgant other on national television on Valentine's Day?

Would you rather have a Big Mac and a kick to the shins OR

a Whopper and a boot to the knees?

Would you rather listen to "The Best of David Hasslehoff" OR

"Jerry Spinger Sings The Hits"?

I told you , I hate choices. It's never easy. Oh well, I gotta go. I need tofigure out a way to get home from work today. Do I hitchhike and get picked up by a psycho or do I call a cab and realize I left my wallet at work when I go to pay him later? Hmmmmm...

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