Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Great EIght

I've been tagged by Good Ol' David with a meme, which is good since I needed a subject to write on for this week. To start the meme, I must do this..

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. People who are tagged must make a post about their eight things and post these rules.

4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

5. Don’t forget to leave them each a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Great, like people don't know enough things about me by now. Here we go...

1. As a child, I had a begnin tumor on the side of my head that was removed when I was sixteen. Nothing cancerous or anything, but it was there. My mama told me that it was there because I had "extra brains".

2. I take sleeping pills to sleep because of anxiety. Ambien CR works wonders for me at night.

3. My ex wife and I got into a nearly heated argument about banana pudding. My mama used Jello Vannila instant pudding for hers and refrigerated it while the ex's mom made a merange for the top of the pudding and baked it in the oven. I hate cooked bananas, except for banana bread. Needless to say, after a cookoff with friends judging, my banana pudding won hands down as the best. No wonder the bitch left me: she was a sore loser.

4. I worked as a driver for an escort service in the ninties for just one day. I quit when my car died in the middle of Abercorn and I had a girl in the car. Needless to say, the cops showed up and I nearly had a psychobilly freakout when he asked what was wrong. I told him she was my girlfriend, he helped me fix the car and I drove off gasping for air. By the way, I never got any. C'mon, she was hooker!

5. I once busted into a man's home because I heard yelling and loud crying. It turned out that the guy was beating on a small puppy with a belt. I grabbed him by the collar, picked him up off the ground (he was at least 5'3") and told him if he ever hit and animal or anyone else like that again, I swore that I'd beat him just the same and worse and threw him to the ground. I found out the next day, he got rid of the puppy. Sadly, I don't know what was its fate to this day. I pray it was good.

6. I may have mentioed this before, but I hosted a cable access comedy/music show here in town called "Underground Savannah". After at least three years of trying to hold down a cast and trying to write and find good comedy, I flipped the format with a couple of guys and the show became "Noiz Haus", featuring lots of rock artists like Lemmy from Motorhead, No Doubt, Anthax and other great acts. It went on the ari for five years, of which I am both proud and ashamed at the same time. You Tube hasn't gotten ahold of of the "U.S." days and only I have the original masters of the first two and a half years. I''ve also had to stop some bootleggers who were selling footage of the show Great White before they started fires. However, thought I would at least show you this little clip of and interview that ran on the show featuring Dee Snider that was done in 1995. The interview was done in a cheap hotel in Colombia , S.C. at midnight. The interviewer is Joe Kleon and the guy running the camera and occasional wisecracks is me.

7. If I could get away with it and be comfortable, I'd wear boots everyday. I love boots. There, I said it.

8. On his meme, David said he first heard the Japanese pop group The Pizzicato Five in 1994. Well at the same time I discovered them while doing a guest review of their American debut "Made In The USA" for the local weekly paper here in town and fell inlove with them from the start. I thought and still think it's great CD for just driving around town on a day when you want to have fun. By the way, there's only three people in the Pizzicato Five. I don't ask questions, I just have fun.

Now that I am done I have to tag at least eight folks, so I'll pick Ivan, Brent, Pandora and new tp the blogroll for the initiation, Jen for the Sam-a-rama side. Since I'm also cheating today and posting this on the My Space blog (where I do have some original stuff there) I'll tag Evan, Johnny Picante, Jai, and Heather. To the others who missed out, don't worry about it. It's just a meme.

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