Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not So Ordinary (3.0) Average Guy

Life is great! Here I am, siting back enjoying my status as Sam 3.0 because of of the fact that I worked hard Spring Quarter and passed my classes.. It's good to know that what I'm doing now isn't in vain. However, I feel a shift in the air. I change in direction. Read on...

All has been quiet for the past few days. I took an entire week off after Spring Quarter just to get my head straight and I'm glad I did. Seriously, my eyes have been twitching from all the stress and I only took twio classes. I mean, I looked like a friggin' owl or something with my eyes acting funny. At least while I was on break, they stopped and I didn't look like a freak. Sadly, I know they'll be back starting Monday.

See, I regestered for Summer Quarter on Friday. Most folks would say why would I even want to go to school during the summertime? Well, I have nothing else to do and I may as well get educated instead of sitting on my duff, so I'm returning to class. I signed up to take Intro To Criminal Law this time and Biology 101. I thought Biology wouldn't be too hard, so I put it down. Sinister plans were afoot however to change that.

Once I gave my registation papers to the front desk, I went in financial aid to prefare for the next tree quarters when the secretarty for the registar found me and gave me my NEW schedule. It turns out that I can't take Biology yet and I'll have to take..ALGEBRA. I nearly crapped my pants once I heard that bit of news. I am terrible at numbers! I'm going into law here, so why in Blue Hell and I taking Algebra?

That's right. None of you can think of a good reason either. If you actually did think of a reason why I had to take it, bite me. You are a party pooper who goes to parties with slides of your family vacation.

Look, I know now that I have it down I'll have to go to class. The easy part is I only have to take it one day a week, but it's at night and for three hours. I know that I can do this, but I can just feel my right eye twitching away again. I just want to keep up my 3.0 average, but this is a challenge. Be forewarned...if you get a phone call from me asking what b+c-d equals, have pity on a guy. Please...

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