Monday, July 30, 2007

One Last Colortini

Here's an interesting fact. One of Tom Snyder's earliest jobs was as a reporter for the six o'clock news here in Savannah on WSAV, an NBC affiliate. From stories I heard from long time newsmen in Savannah, Tom never really got along with some of the folks here and he left after a couple of years. When the Tomorrow Show began running in 1973, the show never ran here in Savannah. Obviously, there must have been some really bad feelings between Snyder and the station. Only when the original Late Late Show began in 1995 on CBS and local affiliate WTOC did Snyder return to Savannah. I remember Tom recalling his days here in town on the air, which he had a major disdain for WSAV and very glad now to be part of the competition. This is why you'll hear about those days in most reports. That's right...You heard it from me first. Okay, not really first, but I'm the first to mention it today. You can see the proof here.

Being a Savannian, I happened to like the guy. Tom Snyder was one of the best interviewers around. He was no nonsense, he could hit hard and be a soft as a velvet glove in a second. Sure, he was loud, but he got the story across. He smoke, he drank, he was a guy. In his career, he ticked a lot of folks off, but he as what he was and that made him Tom and he was good.

Tom Snyder passed away Sunday at the age of 71 after a fight with lukemia. It wasn't from all the cigs, but you thought that would have gotten him but it didn't. Still he had faith that the lukemia would be treated, but in the end the disease took it's toll. That was possibly the only thing in the world that could silence such a voice as his.

I know that there'll be many sites that will post clips of Tomorrow and the Late Late Show and I'll be one of many. But I know that I could be the only one to have had the man do a news story from Savannah in the early sixties. One last time, let's fire up a computer Colortini, sit back, relax, and watch the pictures now, as they fly across the web.

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