Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's been a very tired few dyas for me, but I wanted to poast something that came up just before I went into the hospital. A few months back, I began posting videos on You Tube, specifically classic TV commercials that I had on my comupter. One of those commericals was for a product for Transogram that came out in the mid-sixties called the Swing Wing. Now, I wouldn't call this a toy as it was more like a way to keep your kids quiet for a few minutes. It was kind of like a plastic beanie with some really long ribbons where the propeller should be and just looked goofy. Anyway, after I downloaded the spot to You Tube, it gathered only more than 1,000 viewings which was cool with me. Two Wednesdays ago, the commercial was featured on G4 TV's Attack of the Show, where it was of course attacked for its now cheesy attitude. I didn't forget about the ad when I went in to the hospital, but when I got home to check my email, I noticed I had loads of comments from viewers. In fact, as of today the Swing Wing ad has been viewed more than 39, 000 times. It's not a record or anything, but I think it's very cool. So for your enjoyment, here is the Swing Wing. Stop by my You Tube page and see more Retro Commercials for a laugh or two.

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