Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Real Love

You want to talk about love? Have I gotta doozy for you.

I may have mentioned that many moons ago I had a local cable access television show in town called "Underground Savannah". When I started it up back in 1990, I had only three people for a crew. My bestest freind ever Ronnie Faust, myself and a guy named Kenny Jenkins. Kenny was a little guy around 5'3" and the game plan for him was to use him as my on show flunkie. If there was anything completely stupid that I came up with, he would do it or he would be slapped in the back of his head on camera. I guess you could say that he was Steve O before Steve O was Steve O, though not as body damaging. Nonetheless, as more and more folks came on the show, Kenny just kinf went into the corner and hid out as I was beginnging to work with a large cast. Before you knew it, Kenny had left thae show and faded away. I think he just got tired of being the show goofball and I kind of made him that. Still, he was a pretty funny guy.
Time shift: It's now nearly seventeen years later since that first show and I can't belive how time has gone by (I really don't feel bad about it now that I think of it. The reader should however since the night that I taked the first show, "Beverly Hills, 90210" premiered the same night and I know the reader watched it). It's late May and I get a phone call from Kenny, whom I haven't talked to in sixteen of those years. It turns out he moved to Florida for a bit and he returned to Savannah only a couple of years ago and got my number from my step mom to get caught up. It was really great to hear from him and we talked sbout the old days for a good while.

Okay, let's move to tonight. Kenny calls me with some wild news. He's now married since we last talked. He called me just before I went into the hospital and I couldn't really talk to him at the moment since I was in dialysis, so the call was very short. However, he was calling me to tell me he was getting married that weekend and wanted to invite me. Now, here is the hook of this post. It turns out that he's only been with his new wife now for just over a month. INCLUDING THE TIME THEY MET UP. I'll explain...

They knew each other twenty years ago, however she was married at the time but became a widow. Kenny saw for the first time in ten years at a bus stop and they hit off well. Two weeks later, he manned up and popped the question, to which she said yes, whilch was mindblowing me I told him. A week later, they had a small civil wedding at Kenny's home, which I'll bet was fun. It's been a month now and they are still together as we speak.

I wish Kenny and his wife only the best of luck and love for a long time, I truly do. Most of the readers are seeing this and saying, "Sam, WTF!? They have been together now for over six weeks and they are married! Nothing good will come from this!" Maybe the reader is right and it could blow up in their faces before they know it. I have hope however and I am pretty optimistic these days. I've seen some relationships go sour a lot oer the years, including mine. Maybe once, someone finally got it right and decided to cut to the chase. I don't know, but maybe things will work out well for Kenny and his new wife. If it doesn't, I will be the first to slap him in the back of the head.

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