Sunday, August 26, 2007

Savannah Vice

I would love to give a full update on how things have ben this week for me, but there's really not much to tell. I don't have the engery to get around like I should so I've been camping out on the couch with time enough to get a few laps on the stairs to get my strength up. Other than that, It's been quiet at the house, sometimes too quiet for me even.

There has been something good that has come out of my hospital stay and that is I have quit smoking. Mind you, it's something that I should have done a long time ago and I have, but this time I think I'm really done with it. One of the biggest help on quitting has been Chanix, which was presribed to me when I was asked by a doctor in the hospital if I smoked. I told him the truth that I would light up at least a half a pack a day, which isn't bad but the outcome could turn terrible whether you smoke ten cigs a day or ten packs a day. I told the doctor that I'm done smoking and I'll do whatever it takes to stop, So I was prescribed Chantix with one milligram taked twice a day and so far so good. I haven't have a craving for a smoke since and I feel much better for it.

However, it now appears that no longer have any vices to deal with. I don't smoke anymore, I quit drinking, I never really did drugs and my days of shagging from house to house are behind me now. I have no more vices to worry about. Which means I need a need a new one so it doesn't look like I'm a wimp. I think I'm gonna go with being lazy for a bit, them move on to Oreos. That should work for me.

Hey, I never said my vices were pretty.

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