Sunday, August 12, 2007


Bite me if you were waiting until Wednesday for an update. The Central heat and air went out the day I got in from the hospital on Tuesday night and I lived in 93 degree heat for over two days until men came out and put in a new compressor. That's right; I have been through Hell and back. Not to even mention the stroke.

That happened on Two Thursdays ago; I can't remember the date now and I apologise for that. I woke up around 6:30 in the morning and kept hitting the snooze alarm and letting my head hit the pillow, all the while thinking I was drowzy. I finally felt awake around 8 am and tried to get out of the bed. Instead, as my feet hit the floor and I went to get up, I felt loopy and my vision had doubled up. I then quickly fell back to the bed almost hitting the floor and nearly became uncounsious. When I was able to gather my senses, I quickly called the dialysis clinic to see what to do. I was then told by the charge nurse to call an ambulance as fast as I could, which I did the second I got off the phone. They arrived around ten minutes later, placed me on a gurney and sent me off to Memorial Hospital.

After hours in the E.R. with visits to M.R.I. and CATscan rooms where they could find no evidence of a stroke, I was then placed into I.C.U. where I couldn't call out since they don't have phones there and although I had my trusty cell phone by my side, I could only call a limited amount of friends and family before passing out again. Still, I made it though that period, ut with one more problem.

On Friday, I went down to the hospital dialysis clinic to make up for lost time on Thursday, which was safe fopr me. However, my blood pressure dropped to 80/90 which caused the left side of my face to become paralyzed and droop. This is what's called Bell's Palsy. It's a temporary thing, but it's still a risk. I wound up looking like Two-Face and sounded like Charles Lauton in "The Hunchback on Notre Dame". The good thing though was I would be moved into a regular room Friday night and the doctors would see if I would be needing rehab at some point.

The days went by and little by little I was starting to come around more everyday. There was some concern about my blood pressure, but it was regulated by Monday. Thanks to an eye patch over my right eye, my vision slowly came back to me and I was able to see normal again. The paralysis in my face was wearing off and I could speak properly. In other words to quote Amy Winehouse, "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, No, No, No". I would be sent home on Tuesday evening with an order to take five prescibed drugs and check in for a follow-up with doctors in two weeks. Which all circles back to no freakin' cool air in the house.

Well, it's now Sunday. I have my vision back, but still get a little lightheaded. I have my car back up and running and I can go where I need to. The house is at a cool seventy-seven degrees. But most importantly, I am still alive and posting. Sorry, Nadra Enzi/James "Kippy" Jones III. Your wish did not come true, but thanks for playing the game this round. Here's a box of Rice-A-Roni, The San Fransisco Treat. Shove it up your ass and exit stage left.

I've been through a lot in my life. I ve seen more things than most, but others have seen more than me. Still, it's always been an adventure for me, this life. I have had to change and adapt to make it work for me like a quick change artist. I have also had to learn to stop looking back at the past and also stop trying to look ahead. Face it, you really can't see that far, even with binoculars. One needs to just keep his eyes on now, because it's the only thing a person has a hold of now. Whatever happened already did and whatever happensa will when it's time. Just be there for the now and everything will come out okay in the end. I may not be the perfect example, but hey you could do worse. So in the end, I would like to thank all the doctors and nurses of Memorial Medical Center who took care of me, including Dr. Chad Slaughter, Internal Medicine (perfect name for a guy who has to cure you), Jeff Mc Dermott for keeping an eye on not only the house but my Beta Harry Fassbinder (I was shocked to see he made it through the heat. You really can't kill a Beta at all, thank God), my brothers Anthony and Martin for being family when I really needed them around, everyone who called or tried to call me and said a prayer (You all know who you are) and most importantly, God. I really don't want to hear from Agnostics about this one, but I truly do have faith, always have and always will. It's what gotten me through so many depressing days and nights, but I remembered that all I had to do was pray to help it out. It's cheaper than talking to shrink, believe me.

On that note, I'm done for now. If you know how to get in touch with me by phone, I suggest you do that for the next few days while I take a a good long break and get my energy back up. Meanwhile, I'm going to the movies now to check out "Transformers", then maybe "The Simpsons". I'll talk to you later. Thanks.

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