Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Are You On The List?

It's been a lot of crap going on in my life as of late but today I just got the best news I've heard in over two years. As most of you know, I have End Stage Renal Failure or E.S.R.D.. In layman's terms, my kidneys screwed up and I need a transplant. I've been on the U.N.O.S. (United Network for Organ Sharing) transplant list since 2003 doing my best to have surgery as soon as possible (please don't ask why my family hasn't stepped up to the plate with a kidney as I would be here for days explaining). However, because of weight gain over the past year, I've been put on hold in the list. I've truthfully gained over 40 pound (okay, maybe 50) over time and it's been driving me crazy. Surgeons are concerned that if a person isn't at the right weight during and after a transplant, the organ could reject the body and it could mean trouble. In other words, if I don't lose the weight, I don't get on the list.

Well, the good news is I talked to someone today from the Medical College of Georgia, the hospital doing the transplant. Coordinaters there have been keeping in touch with me the past few months to see about my progress every three months. Sadly, I had to tell them about the mini-stroke of July, but I did tell them that I've recovered quite nicely since, but I still had the weight. The coordinator told me that I was still on hold on the U.N.O.S. list, but the great news I got was that once I lose the weight, not only would I get back on the list, I would be shot to the top of the list. It turns out that I have accrued time in those three and a half years, which means I'm due for a transplant. According to U.N.O.S., the average wait time for a kidney, dead or alive, is at least two to four years. That, and the fact that my blood is A postive pushes me up at the top of a very high list. Here's the gist: A positive blood is not that common in African-Americans, however it is in a lot and I mean A LOT of people in the United States, White, Black, American Indian, the very races I just happen to be mixed with.Surprizing though, between my brother Rocky and myself, the only full blooded member I have left on the planet, we don't match since he has O positive blood. Mind you, they have the medicine available now for me to accept any blood type kidney, but it's best to match type for type for a better outcome. All this means is that when the time comes, I could have a new kidney immediatly after I'm reactivated. It's the best outcome for my ailment I've heard in, well forever. With all of that being said, I need your help.

No, I'm not asking for your kidney or money to help pay for the transplant and other medical things. Not yet anyway.

What I want, REALLY WANT to lose this weight. I want to do this so I can finally have a somewhat normal life again. However, I need the encouragement to do this. When I was in the hospital, I heard from people then, but after I got home it became quiet which is a damn shame for anyone.

If your reading this and you are just an aquatence of me ( most of you My Spacers are that) then you really don't have to do this. Mostly because you really don't give a damn about anything and just wanted me on your freinds list just so you could fill it up to Dane Cook capacity. Sorry, but you are who you are and I called you out. So there. I'm talking to YOU. Anyone that reads Sam-A-Rama or this blog. Anyone from My Space who are my real freinds on and offline. Even if you're a freind;y stranger who's been in a perdiciemnt like this or knows someone who has. I need your encouragement more than ever. I have been personally fighting this battle alone now for over four years and trufully I'm this close to tired and ready to chuck it all in and let Nature take its course afterwards but that would be selfish of me to go out like that. I know that I can get through this. All I just need an extra push. If it's even just an "Are you okay" is all that I ask. Whether it's online or off, which would be a whole lot better so I can see you face to face to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So there you go, my great news of the year. I'm glad you read it. I hope you help.

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