Monday, September 10, 2007

Talking TV

I know that most of you didn't watch it last night, but since there's nothing really on television until the start of their Fall season (C'mon, Chuck!), I caught the MTV Video Music Awards. First up, they really don't videos much anymore, so why have an awards show other to suck up. Next, the show was shot in Las Vegas at the Palms Hotel and while it different to see artists and bands get their own "musical suites", it also felt hot and claustrophobic because of the crowded rooms. I was digging on the Foo Fighters' room, especially and wished they could have just run that for me the entire two hours. I'm glad that it only runs once this year instead of wall to wall showings like they do with everything else they run, other than music videos. With that being said, there's one performance from the show that I hope will never be seen again...

If you did not watch the show last night, you missed either the worst comeback in the world or the funniest episone of The Singing Bee ever. Sure, at this point you realize that most fo the artists on the show are going to lip sync, but Britney Spears couldn't even remember the words to her own song. In other words, if you've ever been on a nightclub damcefloor recently and right in the middle of it you've seen a chick who looks drunk on vodka and Red Bull trying to mouth the words of "Toxic" and even then the words ain't right, then you have seen the second former Miss Federline Sunday night. I think what is needed here is at least three more months in rehab, then a guest seat at The View just so I can have the pleasure of hearing Whoopi just say, "Child, what the f*** is wrong with you?" ( Oh, yeah. It's gonna happen and I can't wait).

Speaking of TV, as you may have heard by now that Time Magazine has come out with its top 100 Television Shows of All Time list, of which I approve of at least 95% of. I mean, Felicity? I never got it. My personal fave to replace it would have been Good Times, but I'm not Time. Damn...damn..DAMN!

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