Friday, November 16, 2007

News From Me

First, a heads up that my essay from Mumur Magazine "Freedom of Want: Chicken and Beer" will be reprinted here this Sunday.I've gotten good response from folks who've read it and you'll get to give yours this Sunday.

Also, I'd like to add my support to the members of the Writer's Guild of America. I wrote and produced my own little dog and pony TV show Underground Savannah years ago and know how some of the members who are also show runners feel at the moment, so my heart and prayers go out to them. If you wondering how things are going for the W.G.A. I can give you a heads up on three blogs. Mark Evanier, of course, is a veteran member and has been though a writer's strike before, so his News From Me site gives some valuable information that folks who don't understand why the stike is happening have a better insight. Tony Figuroa's Child of Television has links to various sites of bloggers who are also in solidarity, plus video of various strikes in Hollywood and New York. Finally, Late Show Writers On Strike is the weblog of the writers of The Late Show With David Letterman, with daily observations while they're on stike and off the air. It's funny and if you miss Dave's monolouge, not to worry as you'll get one good joke out of each post. Which is funny, because I thought Leno had writers, too. I wonder who's picketing for him and Jimmy Kimmel? The manatees who write for Family Guy?

I kid, I kid. All my best to the W.G.A. and I hope this all ends soon.

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