Sunday, November 04, 2007

What happens when you are on a caffeine buzz...

I get this kinda junk in the bulletins on My Space all the time and folks expect me to send out a bulletin just like this. A bulletin is for when someone dies or the news is really important. If Edward R. Murrow were alive and he found out the the term "bulletin" was used like this, he'd be pissed the Hell off. Anyway, I better do this before my high goes away.

It was just two cups of dark roast esspresso at work that did it, kids...

Hi, my name is:

Samuel M. Johnson

but you can call me:

Dreamcrusher, Grumpy McLump-lump, Earl Hoffert

Never in my life have I:

Been to Europe

The one person who can drive me nuts is:


My high school was:

Alfred E. Beach High School

When I'm nervous:

Start to st-st-stutter

The last song I listened to was:

I'm on the radio right now and listening to stuff I didn't even program today! Gucci Mane, really?

If I were to get married right now it would be to:

Let's just say that Allyson Hannigan and Halle Berre know who they are...

My hair is:

on my body. C'mon...

When I was 4:

I was a child. That and too short to get the cookies off the shelf.

Last Christmas:


l'd be:


When I look down I see:

the floor

The happiest recent event was:

Hangin out in Brea last wednesday. Actually I stole that from the last guy who did this. I dunno what he did in Brea last Wenesday, but if it made him happy, I should really check it out...

If I were a character on LOST:

Larry, the guy who keeps wondering where Gilligan and Mary Ann are.

By this time next year:

I will be doing something as stupid as this on a caffeine buzz as well.

My current mood is:


I have a hard time understanding:

The success of Kim Kardashian. Oh, I forgot...She has a big ass.

There's these girls:

that all graduated from the police acadamy. They were three lovely girls. Now, they work for me. My name is Charlie.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:

Al Gore. And I'd tell him to suck on that.

I want to buy:some new comic books. And a Slushie. And a good steak.

Where do you plan to visit:

Dreamland. I can't afford much else these days

If you spent the night at my house:

you'd make yer own damn breakfast and wash yer own dishes!

The world could do without:Star Jones and "Cavemen"

Most recent thing I've bought myself:Some time

Most recent thing someone else bought me:A burger. Cheap bastard. It was a Krystal.

My middle name is:Marquieth. Yeah, that's Black enough for you.

In the morning I:shake my fist and rue the day.

Last night I was:Watching "The Producers-The Musical" for the fifth time. I AM NOT GAY. I just like Mel Brooks.

There's this guy I know:

who is a loving, forgiving person who forgets your sins. His name is The Frankenstein Monster. He's gone good now...

If I was an animal I'd be a:

monkey. Because MONKEYS ARE COOL.

A better name for me would be:

William H. Cosby, III. For the money

Tomorrow I am:

doing too much crap.

Tonight I am:

coming down from my high

I wish:

I had a Cinnibon to go with this coffee!

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