Sunday, December 02, 2007


It has been busy this week, especially the past few days. My brother Anthony became ordained as a minister this week and I was supposed to go. However, it happened on a Friday night and I thought it was Sunday. It didn't help that I saw him on Thursday to help him plan for his wife's 50th birthday for Saturday night. Yep, you just have to love family.

Speaking of which, I got to see a few of my sisters Saturday night. Since all my sisters live between Atlanta and Virginia (six of them, by the way) and only Anthony and I still live in our hometown, it's always special whenever we can get together. I gave them all an update on what's been going on im my life and now I've now become the new P.J. O'Rourke. I did show one of my sisters Gwen the "Chicken N' Beer" story, with a little trepidation, but she actually laughed out loud and thought it was great, to my relief. The rest of the girls haven't seen it yet, so I still don't have full family approval. We shall see.

Speaking of the magazine, Tadd of Murmur called me yesterday afternoon as I was helping to set up for the party at the center with a rambling voice message. It turned out that the cover story wasn't going to see print as planned and he would be heading out of town early Monday for Vegas (lucky bastard) and needed something to fill in before he left so could I please, PLEASE come up with a piece for the December issue? There was lots of cussing in the call, but I understood what he said so I called him and let him know I'll see what I could do, despite the family. I knocked out the first paragraph later that night around 12:30 am or so, went to bed and finished it up this morning with over 1,000 words to Tadd's enjoyment. The essay, "Deadline 2008" (temporay title t.f.n.) will be in this month's Murmur in two weeks, with an online version to follow soon here.

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