Friday, December 14, 2007

Give A Show!

It looks like Christmas has come early for me this year, thanks to an anonymous reader. First let me say that I never really expected anything at all this year as it goes every year, other than a card or two, but his time I think I got the coolest thing I've ever received on nearly thirty years. Also, knowing the identity of the said reader (for sadly, very personal reasons), I would have never thought that would go out of their way just to do this.

This is a Kenner Star Wars Give-A-Show projector from 1978. The version to see above is the Canadian version. I would show off mine, but my camera is down for the moment. Nonetheless, Anonymous found my version on EBay from someone in Canada and had it shipped right to me! I should say that the Canadian did not pack it properly with packing peanuts or even newspaper and just threw it in the box which damaged the container but not the toy. That would almost give me a new reason to blame Canada for something, but I know too many good ones from the North now. Still, the toy was safe and ready to go. I even had to buy D batteries, which I haven't picked up since from a store since high school! The film strips are even in great condition and I wound up having a major flashback of projecting the entire film on my walls! Even in this version, Greedo shot first!

It's nice to relive your childhood memories sometimes with an old toy like this and I know that I will now start looking for other old film strips to play through the projector. Let me wipe my Kool-Ade smile off my face long enough to say thank you to Anonymous again for this wonderful gift and that even though things have become very strange in the past few months, you're still okay in my book. I'm now going to call over some friends and watch Star Wars in a whole new way!

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