Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Crimble

Well, here we are. Just less than 48 hours till the big day. If you haven't done your shopping yet, you're still thinking about who to get that great gift for and you try to make it to the store as fast as possible for that last minute sweater or Playstation 3. I truly have no idea what that's like these days because I am as broke as Britney Spears carreer.

I'm did not write that for pity, God no. I just don't think that if I even had the money would I want to even face the crowds this time of year. If I had an actual, leagal, official nuclear family (wife, 3 kids, and a dog named Murray) and I had to go shopping for them every year, someone would be in pain and it would not be me. I think my kids would be spoiled and would only want the best. Which means I would have to fight humans for a Rock Star video game or a TMX Elmo. I can see it now, with me standing in the toy eisle with dark shades looking at the last XBox 360 along with a throng of others, all while I'm holding a shotgun and saying "I'm here to buy toys and chew bubble gum. And I'm all outta gum". The very fact that I'm a large Black man would be a plus in that book, but I know that I would have to take out a few soccer moms just to get my kids what they wanted, all so I don't have to hear it from them later on how Cindy down the street got a rare Super Ultra Mega Power Big Hair Bratz doll and they didn't. No, someone will have to take the hit for my kids and it ain't gonna be me this year. They will have to pry that toy talking parrot from my cold, dead hands, you damn dirty apes.

Since it just me however , I'm mixed with joy and yes, a bit of sadness that I don't have the chance to buy anything for anyone this year. I did send out Christmas cards via email (if you didn't get you're it's your own fault for not giving me your email address when I asked for it weeks ago, so don't be mad at me), but it was all I could do this year. Still, it's the thought that counts and do think of my readers all the time. So, I would like to wish you and yours a very blessed Merry Christmas and hopefully a wonderful New Year. I hope to see you all converging here for more goofiness in 2008.

I shall pray for you if you have to head back to Target for those batteries for that Nintendo DS.

UPDATE If you already got my card or you didn't and I do have your email address, you may want to look for one more little thing on Christmas Eve. I hope you like it.

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