Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Dallas Cryboys

Once again, it's time for "No Socially Redeeming Value Videos: the Sports Edition". I'm not much of a sports fan but the drama of the Dallas Coyboysmade it interesting to me in a pop culture sort of way. The quarterback meets up with a hot chick who then allegedy begins to mess up his game all the way up the the playoffs when they go off on a trip together to Mexico just days before the big game and then lose it big time, all leaving their newest player crying like a wuss in front of reporters. It was a classic week and we have two versions of it for you. First, here's an eight second version of the 2007 Dallas cowboys football season.

NOw, here's the season as seen through the eyes of the most ruthless, evil man EVER. I just never knew he owned a T.O. jersey. I just hope he gets to wear it next season.

If you are a fan of the Cowboys, let me share with you my sincerest apologies. Remember, it could have ben worse: Romo could have dated Ashlee Simpson instead.

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